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Colombia Huila 70% Dark

Colombia Huila 70% Dark

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A wonderful mix of pomegranate, caramel and creamy hot chocolate. These beans are carefully tended to by the ASOCAGIGANTE association in Huila, Colombia. The team is led by Raymondo Guzman Romero and Diego Gonzalez. Finca Casa Blanca was founded by Raymondo's ancestors in the early 1800's and today has some of the oldest cacao tree's in Colombia.

Producer: Reynaldo Guzman Romero

Region: Huila

Farm: Finca Casa Blanca

Altitude: 800 MASL

Variety: Yellow & Red Criollos/ Various Hybrids

Fermentation: 5-7 Days in oak covered with banana leaves

Drying: 15 days in plastic tunnels on raised beds


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