Nostalgia Chocolates | Artisan craft bean to bar chocolate

About Us

I am Tyler Cagwin: A yogi who love’s to sail, travel, eat good food and surround myself with amazing, inspiring people.

The chocolate made in my little factory is born out of a desire to live fully and be more present in the moment. On a trip sailing slowly down the Windward Island chain in the Caribbean, I tasted real chocolate for the first time in my life. The chocolate dreamed up and realized by Mott Green at the Grenada Chocolate Company left a lasting impact on me.

The seed that was planted did not immediately produce the dream, but over the years through various experiences it was growing. Then one snowy day, the idea came to me in a spark of inspiration and it was so clear I spoke it outloud to myself. "I want to make chocolate!”, and once it was spoken into being, there was no stopping the momentum.

I began studying the process of how to make chocolate from scratch, or as it’s referred to in the industry, “bean to bar”. As I was learning the craft, I would spend hours talking about my vision of this company with the people around me. Something I realized was I had a longing for ‘'simpler times"…for the good ol’ days where things were made by hand with quality ingredients, families worked together, and stores/restaurants were a place to connect with community. How I wanted this business to feel led to me naming the company Nostalgia Chocolates. I view making chocolate as a perfect way to share something I love that will make people smile and create opportunities for conversations, storytelling, connection and memories.

My love of the world around me led me to create a bar that is ethically and sustainably sourced to support the farmers in the origins where the beans are grown. The packaging is recyclable in an attempt to leave as small of a footprint on our world as I can.

Our mission

Create chocolate that causes our customers to pause, sit, and embrace all of the flavors that the wondrous cacao plant has to offer.

I hope Nostalgia Chocolate bars are enjoyed slowly, with family and friends, and savored in a way that helps you to be in the moment.