Episode 25- Mike Johansen

Episode 25- Mike Johansen


I will be the first to admit I am a sucker for a good lifestyle brand. You give me some dreams, some great photos and a cool Instagram account and I’ll be pulled in. The cherry on top is when the lifestyle has been lived by the visionary and whatever they are selling kicks ass.


Mike Johansen was basically born on a beach. He spent time growing up on Nantucket and went to college in California. On top of all of that, he has a golden retriever and a yellow jeep sweatshirt that perfectly matches my Wrangler. So, yes, I am now hooked on living the Tuck Life.


It’s Jeep days and powder days,
dawn patrols and swimming holes.
From Mountain tops to surf spots,
if you dream about it, odds are we do too.


If that mission statement doesn’t say it then I do not know what else does. On top of making me daydream, I am also always fascinated by people who start their own brands. As I have learned through the development of Nostalgia Chocolates, creating a brand, not to mention a lifestyle, is extremely difficult.


Mike is very open and honest throughout this episode. It was a fascinating conversation for me, and I hope that you find it the same. Make sure to visit his website www.tucklife.com and grab a sweatshirt or whatever else you need, or don’t need. I can tell you that the clothing is amazing. I wear my sweatshirt for days at a time without taking it off.


Sit back, grab some chocolate, and enjoy this episode with Mike Johansen from Tuck Life.




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