Episode 24- Laura Thorn

Episode 24- Laura Thorn


Often, the biggest champions of an area are the ones who grew up there. It is not typically the case that someone who has lived all over the world makes a career out of trying to boost the success of a small city and change the way it is viewed by people on the outside looking in.


Laura Thorn is a champion of all. As I learned more about her story, she has a made a life based around helping others. Most recently Laura has teamed up with Aldea Gerard to create the pilot episodes of Off the Wall and Up Close- an arts, culture, and travel show.


The show is starting here in Syracuse but has plans to highlight the scenes on cities just like Syracuse across the country. I had no idea what a massive undertaking it is to create a new TV show. After many rounds of fundraising, they created an initial episode and presented it at the Seattle Film Festival.


Laura and Aldea teamed up with Willow Rock Brewing in the fall of 2022 and that is how we met. Laura is an inspiration with her drive and determination to help others and lift the people around her up. She describes herself as a doer and that is 100% what she is. Not only is she a doer, but she is a creator and a finisher. We have a lot of people with ideas, and a lot of people who can take those ideas and run with them, and finally we have a lot of people who can bring the idea and the process to a conclusion. Rarely however do we have people that embody all those traits.


Make sure to visit their YouTube page Off the Wall & Up Close and follow along with all the work they are doing.


I hope you enjoy hearing her story as much as I did.

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