Episode 21- Danielle Begg

Episode 21- Danielle Begg

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Traveling for a yoga retreat is sort of like going to a friend’sbirthday party with a pinata. When the pinata breaks open there is all sorts ofstuff that comes out. Most likely though, you are bound to walk away from thepinata, or the scramble on the ground to get the goods, with some things youlike.


Yoga retreats bring many different types of people together.We all attend for various reasons. Maybe it is our teacher who is leading theretreat, maybe we need a change in our lives so we travel some place hoping fora spark of inspiration. No matter what your reason is, you meet all sorts ofpeople. I have been extremely lucky in my yoga travels to have met someincredible people. If you are lucky enough you leave with some amazing newfriendships.


Danielle Begg lives in Mosman, New South Wales Australia.Mosman sits just inside the entrance to Sydney Harbor. Australia in general hasalways captivated my attention. I did numerous dioramas on geography or animalsthroughout elementary school. Danielle was the first real life thing I had met fromAustralia though.


Danielle is immediately friendly and seemed to always belaughing, smiling, and talking to everyone the whole time we were in Costa Ricain 2019. It is no surprise that she is making a huge impact on the worldthrough yoga and more specifically through her co- creation of The Yoga ImpactCharity. I am a true believer in the impact that a proper yoga practice canhave on one’s life so as I have, learned more about Danielle’s work, she hascontinued to inspire me.


I am so excited to connect with Danielle again today and Icannot wait to have her share her story with all of you.

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