Episode 20- Walker Collin

Episode 20- Walker Collin

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Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place and eaves dropping at the right time and you end up meeting an awesome human being.


While in a coffee shop in Stonington Maine in the summer of 2021, I was standing behind Walker and heard another gentleman ask him how his tours had been going. When their conversation ended, I of course inquired about the tours because, well who doesn’t love a good tour!


As it turns out, Walker had recently purchased an old lobster boat and was running tours around the area of Stonington. I of course love being out on the water so the next day we drove back and met him for a couple hour or so boat ride. We learned about his childhood growing up in the area, some of the history of the local islands, saw a couple dolphins and just generally had an amazing time with him.


Walker headed back to the west coast and Hawaii for the winter and is slowly making his way back east for another summer season. He is a poet, a tour guide, a tea expert, a musician and if you were to judge someone by their Instagram, he is also the 1 person you would choose to take an adventure with.


I am very excited to catch up with Walker on this week’s episode. I have no clue at all where this one may go so hang on and enjoy. Make sure to give him a follow-on Instagram @dubb_sea. and @goodtidetours


The coffee shop in Stonington is called @44northcoffee

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