Episode 19- Teddy Droseros

Episode 19- Teddy Droseros

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We spend a lot of our lives thinking about what has happened in the past and what we plan to have happen, or worry will happen in the future. I find myself caught in this spiral frequently. As a yogi and a yoga instructor I try hard to be patient with my thoughts and understand the patterns that develop from my past and ultimately influence my present and my future. In yoga, these thought blocks are commonly called Samskaras.


I first found out about Teddy Droseros in 2018. Teddy has created an unbelievable project to help adults and children have an outlet to express what they are grateful for in the present. In 2018 Teddy along with a few local business A’Pizza Regionale, Original Grain and O Yoga (now Sky Yoga Studios) came up with an idea to raise money through various promotions to donate gratitude journals to all the students at a local elementary school here in Syracuse. I would encourage you to go back and listen to episode 12 with the principal of that school LaJuan White to hear more about the ultimate impact these journals had on the children.


As a result of this we had journals at the front desks of both of our yoga studios for students attending classes to take a moment and put into the world what they are grateful for. It is becoming more and more well known the positive effects that taking a few moments a day to journal or express gratitude for what we have in our lives can have a transformative effect on our over all well-being.


Teddy has continued to follow his dream of getting Gratitude Journals in as many places as possible and recently came out with a new book that is a collection of peoples entries. Teddy says about the book “I was curious what would happen if I left a communal copy of the Grateful Peoples Gratitude Journal in my neighborhood coffee shop. This is the story of what happened next…”


I am extremely excited to finally have Teddy on the podcast. Make sure to check him out in Instagram @gratefulpeoples and visit his website https://gratefulpeoples.com/ to get your own gratitude journal.

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