Episode 18- David Nilsen

Episode 18- David Nilsen

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I met David through my mentor and great friend MackenzieRivers of Map Chocolate. David has his own podcast called Bean to Barstool andit is all about craft beer and craft chocolate. These are truly two of myfavorite things in the world.


I love to daydream. Listening to Davis podcasts bring thesame type of inspiration I try to put into my chocolate bars. I want people totake some time, slow down and let their mind travel to the places where thecacao is grown. When I listen to David speak of hops, malt, barley and yeast mysenses get filled with the smells of the brewery or the first smell of a beerwhen you open the can or the bottle. I often try to picture the setting of thebrewery or the chocolate shop and imagine what it is like.


I have listened to all of David’s podcasts, and I amentertained with each episode. More than being entertained, I learn somethingnew each time. David is an Advanced Cicerone which is the beer equivalent of asommelier. I love learning from people who are willing to share their knowledgeand David is one of those people.


With so many styles of beers and types of chocolate it isvery refreshing to have someone in the world who is willing to dive into all ofthis, be open and honest with his thoughts and opinions and help to spread theword of craft beer and craft chocolate to whoever will listen.


David hosts beer events both in person and virtually so makesure to check out his website www.davidnilsenbeer.comYou can also find him @davidnilsenbeer and @beantobarstool on Instagram. Also,make sure to find his podcast Bean to Barstool on all the streaming platforms.My favorite is episode 30 wink wink.

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