Episode 16- Eric Sharvelle (Buena Nota Imports)

Episode 16- Eric Sharvelle (Buena Nota Imports)

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On this episode we talk to Eric Sharvelle from Buena Nota Imports. They specialize in promoting and importing high quality cacao from one of my favorite places on earth, Costa Rica.


The Hacienda Azul cocoa beans were the very first ones I ever roasted and toiled with. I spent countless hours screwing up tempering in my early months of making chocolate. Even still, there was beauty in the bars. The flavor is very chocolate forward with some honey and light red fruit notes at the end. For most people, this chocolate is extremely comforting and relatable.


Today we talk about Costa Rica, the origin of these beans and also what brought Eric into cacao. Grab some chocolate and enjoy this weeks episode.

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