Episode 6 - Tim O'Shea

February 25, 2018
59 min

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What if every pedal stroke was a dime that could help someone else? This is the way that Tim O’Sheas life functions. While he was out during a long-distance bike ride, he started thinking of ways that his passion for riding and running could somehow benefit others. From here a few close friends and he devised a plan to climb as many high peaks in the Adirondack Park as he could in 24 hours. About a year later, he rode his bike in -4-degree weather to Lake Placid, NY, then climbed Mt Marcy where it was -30 degrees all for a few brothers he had met one time at a bike race a year prior.

Tims mind is busy but not in the scheming kind of way. He is constantly scheming on ways that he can involve himself in things that make his life more fun and more interesting, not necessarily in ways that will make him rich. From turning his love of running and biking in to a very successful coaching business, to creating energy bars for his athletes and nor everyone. My biggest takeaway from Tim is that he finds ways to help others through his passions. It isn’t always easy but he keeps formulating a way and his end result is doing good for our community.