Episode 23- Leslie Glenn

August 29, 2022
0 hr 50 min

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Yes, this episode starts off with another Costa Ricaconnection. While sitting around the breakfast table at Blue Spirit in NosaraCosta Rica one morning on a retreat in December of 2021 my friend Tom turned tome and quietly said


“Hey, you know Leslie?”


“Yes” I replied


“Did you know she was an X Games snowboard athlete and hadvideos of her snowboarding on the internet?”


“No way man. Little Leslie?”


“Yeah dude, for sure.”


Leslie Glenn may not be 6 feet tall but she is a vibrant andincredible human to be around. Her smile is infectious, her warmth and kindnessare felt by everyone around her without her saying a word and she is a personwho seeks to surround herself with people that provide good energy and strivefor a beautiful life for themselves and for the world around them.


It is always amazing to me what we do not know about peoplejust by looking at their cover. She began her snowy life on ski’s but transitionedto snowboarding to learn something new. While in college at University ofVermont, she took a yoga class for credit and from that point forward yogabecame a staple in her life. Initially using the practice to help herprofessionally with strength and flexibility, she soon found that the deeperlayers of her body were also being terraformed.


She is now a certified yoga instructor and leads variousteacher trainings, retreats and other amazing events to help the people aroundher find balance, calm and peace in their daily lives. She has focused herrecent yoga teachings around helping all of us to find ways to slow the pace ofour lives down, lessen the worry and stress we carry in our bodies and findways to see more joy around us.


I am so excited to have Leslie on this episode. I cannotwait to talk travel, yoga and wellness. Make sure to follow her on Instagram@leslieglenn and give her website a visit at www.leslieglennyoga.com. You can getmore information on her teaching, retreats and also sign up for her newsletterthere.