Episode 14- Madeline Jhawar

September 20, 2019
1 hr 7 min

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I’ve been strangely flooded with random images of Sicily as we come up on the 1-year anniversary of our trip there. I’ve been seeing vivid images of different vistas, ocean scenes, people and I’ve actually been getting some of the tastes showing up in my mouth. I’ve never had this happen to me before. I’m not exactly sure why it’s happening but as I have been thinking about the trip it has left me with a huge desire to travel again. We do have some upcoming trips – back to Costa Rica in December and then we will be leading 2 yoga retreats in Lucca Italy next year- but planning a trip to a completely new place is exhilarating. When we left Sicily, we both said that we had spent enough time there and were satisfied but a part of me feels a need to go back. Anyway, I say all of this because the episode today features Madeline Jhawar. She started a company called Italy Beyond the Obvious and helps people plan their trip to Italy. I’m not 100% of the exact events as to how we found her but she was a majorly huge help in our travel plans. She will plan your whole trip or help you plan with really great guidance. I think at some point we will do an episode about our trip to Sicily because it was a pretty epic adventure for us but for now, we can learn about Madeline and her company.